Friday, November 12, 2010

And this is why i love teaching...

Dominating the pins thanks to the Wii

my staff bowling party

I work with a great group of people! :)

Keepin it classy- our friend Nawotka's birthday party

Brian and I haven't posted anything in forever and so much has gone on that we couldn't possibly update everything so we will just have to start fresh :)! Last weekend Brian spent his weekend in Vegas with his friends watching the Breeders Cup. Poor Zenyatta, I was really rooting for her. I went to my first murder mystery party which was a blast! I won best actress (i guess i am a bit of a ham) and got to dress up in the 1920's style. My sister just had her 3rd baby yesterday! Zander Jesse Evenson is adorable and my sister is doing fine now. I'm so grateful she has a wonderful husband and children to take care of her since she is so far away from us!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Birdcage

The Birdcage theatre was seriously the best part of the trip. We took tons of pictures during the day and then went on a ghost tour at night. OUTRAGIOUS! Brian got pretty freaked out at one point which I was surprised. What a pansy. It also seems to have the most interesting history because it was so many things...a theater for traveling shows...saloon...gambling hall....a house of ill repute (shady ladies....did you know they called them that because they had to walk on a certain side of the street in the shade...something like that). The fact that everything was still authentic and has not been renuvated made it even better... bullet holes and everything.